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Documentary: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is an American non-profit organization of architects and engineers who dispute the results of official investigations into the September 11 attacks, including the 9/11 Commission Report.

They have produced this very thorough documentary that presents tons of evidence that the 9/11 attack was in reality a false flag operation. An absolute MUST SEE!

Manual download: Architects & Engineers on 9/11MP4: 78 MB

Documentary: 9/11 Cover up

Ground-breaking documentary by Korey Rowe, Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas that contains a lot of detailed revelations, amongst others, testimonies from firefighters who explains, how they heard, and saw, different explosions on different floors that was not affected by the planecrashes. Several people also explains how the different lift shafts was blown up.

Manual download: 9/11 Cover upWebm: 147 MB

Documentary: 9/11 In Plane Sight

Some of the most damning evidence surrounding the attack on the Pentagon centers about substantial and incontrovertible video and photographic evidence which insights viewers to ask crucial and essential questions. After all, the laws of physics cannot be suspended or can they?

Manual download: 9/11 In Plane SightWebm: 286 MB

Documentary: 9/11 Loose Change: Final Cut

Loose Change Final Cut sets out to prove the official story of 9/11 - "that the impact of two planes flying into two World Trade Center towers and the resulting fires caused three World Trade Center steel framed buildings to collapse" is false.

Using witness testimony, expert analysis, news footage, and corroborating evidence this film is the most explosive and important film of the decade.

Starring George W Bush, Condoleeza RIce, DIck Cheney, Philip Zelikow, Dan Rather, the late Peter Jennings, contributors from Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, firefighters, first responders and 9/11 victims, the film exposes the inconsistencies and lies put forward by the Bush administration in the hours, days and weeks after 9/11, and their role in hoaxing the American people that 19 islamic terrorists were the sole perpetrators of 9/11, the crime of the century.

Manual download: 9/11 Loose ChangeWebm: 504 MB

Documentary: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Barrie Zwicker analyses the use of fear to befuddle the public. He deconstructs the so-called "war on terrorism." He examines in depth the failure of the military on 9/11 and George Bushs highly inappropriate behaviour that day. He finds the 9/11 Commission to be a total coverup operation. Throughout, he analyses the role of the mainstream media as complicit in keeping the public massively misinformed and befuddled.

Manual download: The 9/11 News SpecialWebm: 306 MB

Documentary: 9/11 Intercepted

What happened on the morning of September 11, 2001? Why were the US defenses so ineffective? Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyze NORAD response, audio recordings as well as radar data provided by government agencies. The aircraft is seemingly still airborne after the alleged attack!

Manual download: 9/11 InterceptedWebm: 108 MB

Dokumentar: 9/11 Den sunde skepsis

Hvad skete der egentlig d. 11. september 2001? Rundt om på kloden er der mange mennesker, som sætter spørgsmålstegn ved den officielle forklaring på begivenhederne i USA for 10 år siden. Også i Danmark er der mange, som ikke føler at den fulde sandhed er blevet fortalt om terrorangrebene. I denne dokumentar får du mulighed for at møde en række af disse mennesker.

Manual download: 9/11 Den sunde skepsisWebm: 115 MB

Miscellaneous videos

Miscellaneous videos on 9/11.

Not ordinary planes

Eye witnesses describe the planes they saw.

Manual download: Not ordinary planesWebm: 3.6 MB

9/11 Bomb proof

Eye witnesses, fire figther reports, and video recordings on explosions and bombs in the buildings.

Manual download: 9/11 Bomb proofWebm: 24 MB

No plane at The Pentagon

Manual download: No plane at The PentagonWebm: 1.4 MB

No plane at The Pentagon - Reporter eyewitness

Manual download: No plane at The Pentagon - ReporterWebm: 1.4 MB

Commisioner slips up: Missile at The Pentagon

Manual download: Commisioner slips up: Missile at The PentagonWebm: 1.4 MB

George W. Bush: Money trumps peace

Manual download: George W. Bush: Money trumps peaceWebm: 35 MB

9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions

A lecture by David Ray Griffin about the "9/11 Commission Report" all the omissions and and distortions".

Manual download: 9/11 Bomb proofWebm: 94 MB

American soldiers in Iraq

Manual download: American soldiers in IraqWebm: 6.0 MB