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Tilfældige muslimer kidnappes, fængsles og tortureres i Irak (engelsk)

Aljazeera has aired exclusive footage of tortured prisoners being held in a Baghdad jail run by the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

Dozens of prisoners, mostly Sunni Arabs, were being kept in small rooms, reported Aljazeera's correspondent. Some have been in prison for years already.

The prisoners' collapsed and cried when they saw a camera, hoping their tragedy will be known to people all over the world, said the correspondent.

In the videotape aired on Monday, tearful prisoners described their torture, which included electric shocks. Some showed scars on their bodies to prove the abuse.

Many of the prisoners, aged between 20 and 60 years, said they were taken from the streets or their work places, with no charges filed against them.

They said they were forced, under torture, to sign confessions that they had committed dangerous crimes.

Prisoners said they were forced to sign confessions.

The jail is located near the Iraqi Interior Ministry in Baghdad.

The Iraqi Human Rights Ministry has confirmed the revelations in the footage, while the Iraqi government refused to comment except to say that it would launch an investigation into the latest revelation.

Around 65 of the prisoners were released immediately after the video was aired, while 75 others were transferred to another jail.

The correspondent said the jail is probably one that Iraqi government investigators have not yet visited.

The revelation comes ahead of the Iraqi legislative elections on Thursday.