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Bush - The Thief of Baghdad


London, UK , June 13 - Three years after the invasion of Iraq, President Bush arrived in Iraq for a surprise meeting with the new Iraqi government. He told the Iraqi prime minister that "Iraq 's future is in your hands" and it was reported that the visit was intended to boost the credibility of the new Iraqi PM.

Commenting on the visit, Dr Imran Waheed, a media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, "Given that the new Iraqi PM was only given 5 minutes notice of Bush's impending arrival, we can see how much is really 'in the hands' of Nouri Maliki. The President of the world's superpower enters Baghdad like a thief to meet with the unsuspecting Iraqi Prime Minister who cannot even be trusted to secure the safety of the thief and his entourage. Baghdad, a city of 6 million, has become so dangerous that al-Maliki plans to restore security by flooding its streets with 75,000 Iraqi and American troops. This is the latest evidence of the dire security situation that persists three years after the invasion of Iraq ."

"His visit illustrates the extent to which Western governments are eager to prop up the new dictators of Iraq (and other Muslim countries), providing they safeguard western interests, whether that is access to the vast energy resources of the region or preventing the people of the region unifying their resources under the Islamic Caliphate. "