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Bush and Blair are Responsible for 3 Guantanamo Deaths


London, UK , June 10 – The responsibility for the deaths of three detainees at Guantanamo Bay rests with Bush and Blair who have colluded in detaining over 400 prisoners without trial, charge or legal representation. During their detention many have reported being humiliated, shackled, gagged, blindfolded and tortured.

Although it is not clear how the detainees died, US authorities have suggested that they died as a result of a suicide pact. However, what is clear is that concerns about the deteriorating mental health of detainees have been raised time and time again. A recent UN report noted a "profound deterioration" in the mental health of many being held on the island. The report said that in 2003, more than 350 acts of self-harm were reported, along with individual and mass suicide attempts and hunger strikes. The report also singled out health professionals for criticism, noting that some appear to have been "complicit in abusive treatment of detainees detrimental to their health". It is obvious that Western governments have been indifferent to these concerns and others.

Imran Waheed, a media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain , said, "Those who established and defend Guantanamo and those who turn a blind eye, calling it a mere 'anomaly', are responsible for the deaths of detainees. It has become clear to the world that when it comes to the interests of Western governments everything is allowed and there are no restrictions whatsoever. This is what is meant when we are told that 'the rules of the game are changing'."

"The attitude of Western governments towards Guantanamo is not surprising given that they continue to support the worst perpetrators of political repression and torture such as Mubarak of Egypt and Musharraf of Pakistan . Their attitude is both immoral and dangerous to the world."

"An alternative path to this outdated vision of empire, colonialism and exploitation must be realised. The Islamic Khilafah [Caliphate] will abolish all torture, ensure that citizens are innocent until proven guilty, prevent the state from spying on citizens and allow people to look beyond the web of deceit and lies of their governments in the 'war on terror'."