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Anders Fogh Rasmussen has brought terrorism to Denmark

Author:Henrik Andersen, Nørrebro

”Iraq has weapons of massdestruction. It is not something we believe, its something we know”, Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Denmark was once a country fighting in the forefront when situations arose about justice, speaking the truth, protection of the weak, suppressed, and the innocent. Denmark was a country in which a person could be proud of living.

Denmark was a country where justice had to prevail. But with the entry of Anders Fogh Rasmussens into George W. Bush’s and Tony Blair’s ”club of evil” those days are over.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Per Stig Moeller has, with their corrupt foreign policy, placed Denmark in a situation which couldn’t be imagined or accepted prior.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Per Stig Moeller has, with their illegal and UN-opposed participation in the war against Iraq, planted a bomb in the heart of Denmark, and Jyllandsposten has, with their mockery and disdain of the Muslims most holly prophet, made everyone in the world aware of where the fuse is placed.

We are now living in a time where the thread of terror exists on a daily basis, and where innocent civilians maybe risking to become targets for the revengefulness and misdeeds of criminals, only because Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Per Stig Moeller and Maersk wanted a piece of the cake, that cake which United States, on the basis of lies, deceit, and manipulation baked to the world.

If the politicians are willing to forget an illegal war, and an unlawful occupation of another country. And if the politicians support an unlawful occupation, which until today has cost more than 90.000 civilian Iraqis their lives, in which rape, torture, brutal suppression, and disdain are delivered daily, both against women, children and elderly, then it can surprise no one if other people likewise are willing to forget innocent civilians on public places.

Criminals spare no pains in order to bring about their personal interests - it doesn’t matter whether such people are located in the Danish Parliament, or whether they are located in a dark basement.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Per Stig Moeller, and others who support them, has with their foreign policy brought Denmark in a situation which no one in the Danish population can be satisfied with. But where are we? Why are the Danes silent in this situation? ”Denmark where are you?”, writes Thomas Koppel, but we Danes remain silent. The Danish population has chosen to forget unlawfulness and a monstrosity, which couldn’t have been thought of just 10 years ago.

In less than 50 years United States and Britain has brought more suffering, evilness, suppression, and poverty to the world, than anyone could have imagined in a 1000 years. No country with any respect of self, the truth, and justice can accept the foreign policy which the western countries are running. It is unjust and totally self-contradictory that people on the one side, are yelling and screaming about democracy and freedom, while at the other side mass murder is being committed against civilians, which doesn’t, in any way, create a reaction which is noticeable.

We could once be proud of our small country, we could be proud of our foreign policy, which in most cases sought to voice peace. We could be proud of our elected who protected and safeguarded justice.

Today we no longer have anything to be proud of! We should be disgracing ourselves!

We cannot just leave our ideals! Does this mean that in reality we actually don’t believe these ideals anymore? If an elected, without hesitation, makes laws that suppress the right of people to speak, then he or she has without doubt declared democracy bankrupt! And if the population supports it, whether by being silent or otherwise, then the population itself has declared democracy for bankrupt.

If you, dear reader, gets up each morning, goes to work, arrives at home, and watches the news, and if you silently accepts the criminal acts of Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Per Stig Moeller, then you too are a criminal! The elected in Denmark are the responsibility of the Danish population! The Danish society is the responsibility of the Danish people! Justice is the responsibility of all people – you included!

We must not leave justice and silently accept injustice, suppression, and the transformation of Denmark into a police state, only so that Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Per Stig Moeller, and others can keep their memberships of the ”club of evil”. Is it not enough that they have their pension for ministers? A pension that is more than 230.000 yearly which they freely may draw, month after month, year after year, even if they are not retired, and even if they still have a fulltime job. Is it not enough that they by granting politicians of the parliament immunity have made themselves above the law? Is it not enough that they have contributed to putting Denmark in the most miserable situation which the country has been put in, since the government support for The Nazi Germany in the Second World War?

We are a lot of people, atheists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and more who have had enough! We must stand side by side against suppression, lies, deceit, manipulation, and mass hysteria of the media. We must not be silent!

Police state? Torture? Murder on civilians?

Terrorism in Denmark?

Denmark, where the hell are you? Do you only shout up when its time for soccer?