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British Foreign Policy - A Very Dark History


Tony Blair has accused Muslims of harbouring a false sense of grievance against the West.

The UK Prime Minister, appearing before a Commons liaison committee of senior MPs, told MPs: 'If we want to defeat the extremism, we have got to defeat its ideas and we have got to address the completely false sense of grievance against the West'.

Once again the UK PM has confirmed that he is living in cloud cuckoo land. Over the last decade declassified secret government files, which have been ignored by mainstream commentators, confirm Britain in reality has been a very dark force in world events.

Indeed Mark Curtis, one of the leading writers on British Foreign Policy stated that 'I have calculated that Britain bears significant responsibility for around 10 million deaths since 1945, including Nigerians, Indonesians, Arabians, Ugandans, Chileans, Vietnamese and many others. Often, the policies responsible are unknown to the public and remain unresearched by journalists and academics.'

What follows then is brief chronology of the main repressive British Foreign policy events in the last 50 years. They highlight why, not only Muslims, but millions of other people around the world harbour a quite legitimate and real sense of grievance against the West and in particular Britain.

1947 Foreign Office describes Middle East oil in secret document as a vital prize for any power interested in world influence or domination.

1948 Britain declares 'emergency' in Malaya and begins 12-year war. Britain secretly describes war as 'in defence of [the] rubber industry' and engages in widespread bombing, draconian police measures and 'resettlement' of hundreds of thousands of people in fortified 'new villages'.

1951 June: Attlee government begins covert plan to overthrow Iranian prime minister Musaddiq following the latter's nationalisation of oil operations.

1952 October: Britain declares state of emergency in colony of Kenya. British forces conduct human rights atrocities, establish Nazi-style concentration camps and 'resettle' hundreds of thousands of people in 'protected villages'. Around 150,000 Africans die.

1953 August: Musaddiq government in Iran overthrown in MI6/CIA-organised coup. Shah installed in power as per London's and Washington's plans.

1953 October: Britain conducts military intervention in British Guiana to overthrow the elected government.

1954 July: US overthrows Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz and US-backed junta seizes power. Britain aids US position at UN.

1956 October: Britain invades Egypt to remove nationalist president Nasser, eventually being forced to withdraw due to US and financial pressure. MI6 plans and carries out several assassination attempts against Nasser.

1957 July: Britain begins military intervention in Oman in support of extremely repressive regime. SAS fights covert war and RAF conducts wide-spread bombing of villages and strongholds until 1959.

1958 July: Britain conducts military intervention in Jordan, supposedly to protect regime from alleged Egyptian-backed coup. Declassified documents now reveal, however, that British planners fabricated the coup scenario to justify intervention.

1961 Death of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold in mysterious plane crash while trying to secure peace in Congo. Recent evidence has emerged of possible MI5 involvement.

1961 US begins major intervention in Vietnam. As US atrocities mount in the war that follows, Britain secretly provides US with military intelligence, arms and covert SAS deployments, along with diplomatic support.

1961 July: Britain conducts military intervention in Kuwait, supposedly to defend the country from imminent Iraqi invasion. Declassified documents now reveal, however, that British planners fabricated the threat to justify intervention.

1962 MI6 and SAS begin covert operation in North Yemen that eventually involves providing arms, funding and logistical support to royalist rebels in dirty war against pro-Egyptian republican forces. Around 200,000 die in the war.

1964 Britain begins second war in support of Oman regime, fought mainly covertly by the SAS. The 'Dhofar Rebellion' is defeated by 1975.

1965 October: Bloodbath in Indonesia begins as army moves against supporters of Indonesian Communist Party, reaching around a million deaths. Declassified documents show Britain aids the Indonesian army in conducting the slaughter through covert operations and secret messages of support.

1968 Britain begins illegal and secret removal of 1,500 population of Chagos islands, including Diego Garcia, following agreement to lease islands to US. Whitehall conspiracy begins, contending there are no indigenous inhabitants.

1970 July: British coup in Oman overthrows Sultan and installs his son. Sultan Qaboos remains in power today.

1981 US begin covert intervention against Nicaragua, training contra rebels in sabotage and terrorist operations. Britain provides strong diplomatic support to US and nod and wink to 'security' company, KMS, to train and recruit contra guerillas and conduct gun-running operations.

1986 April: US conducts air raids on Libya. Britain allows US use of British air bases and provides strong public support.

1989 December: US invades Panama. Britain is only major state to unstintingly support US.

1991 January: US, Britain and coalition begin massive bombing campaign against Iraq, even though US had given green light to Saddam to invade Kuwait.

1991 April: Britain and US establish 'no fly zones' in northern and southern Iraq. They begin covert, permanent war of bombing in the zones.

1993 June: US conducts cruise missile attacks against Iraq. Britain provides political support.

1994 April: Rwanda genocide begins, quickly killing a million people. Britain effectively aids the slaughter by helping to reduce UN force that could have prevented the killings, in helping to delay other plans for intervention and in resisting use of the term 'genocide' which would have obligated the international community to act.

1996 MoD quietly sends first of several training teams to assist Saudi Arabia in 'internal security' as part of wider support to Saudi Arabian National Guard, the force that protects the ruling family.

1996 February: Assassination and coup attempt against Libya's Colonel Qadafi with, according to former MI5 officer David Shayler, MI6 funds and backing.

1996 September: US conducts cruise missile attacks against Iraq. Britain provides political support.

1997 February: Labour leader Tony Blair reassures BAE Systems, Britain's largest arms company, that 'winning exports is vital to the long term success of Britain?s defence industry'.

1998 August: US launches cruise missile attacks in Afghanistan and against a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. Britain provides strong political support.

1998 December: US and Britain begin four-day heavy bombing campaign against Iraq, followed by weeks-long secret escalation of bombing in 'no fly zones'.

2000 February: As Russian forces ferociously bomb the Chechnyan capital, Grozny, reducing the city to rubble, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook says he 'understood' Russia's problems in Chechnya.

2000 July: British national Ian Henderson resigns as adviser to Bahraini government after career as head of repressive internal security service.

2001 British arms exports reach 5 billion for 2001.

2001 February: US/British airstrikes against Iraq in response to alleged threats to aircraft in 'no fly zones'.

2001 August: US and Britain secretly step up bombing campaign in 'no fly zones' in Iraq.

2001 October: US and Britain begin massive bombing campaign supposedly against Al Qaida and Taliban regime in Afghanistan following terrorist attacks of September 11th. Civilian deaths in the war outnumber those killed on September 11th.

2002 Foreign Office website continues to lie that there are 'no indigenous inhabitants' of the Chagos islands, while Foreign Office continues in effect to block islanders return.

2002 August: With full-scale war against Iraq appearing imminent, US and Britain secretly step up bombing campaign in 'no fly zones'.

2002 October: In midst of continuing Russian atrocities in Chechnya, Tony Blair says 'it is important to understand the Russian perspective'.

2003 March: After months of build-up, US and Britain launch war against Iraq.

The above list is enough to make anyone's blood boil. However for Muslims it is essential that this genuine sense of injustice is not manipulated in an erroneous or wasteful way, but channelled constructively into a political movement that works for the liberation of lands from occupying forces and from the influence of imperialist policies. So that Muslims have the opportunity to establish a truly independent, accountable and representative Islamic Khilafah.