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Would Gordon Brown Deny the Muslim World the Right to live in a Caliphate?

London, UK, September 25 – On this morning’s BBC Today program, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown said the threat of terrorism comes from those who aspire to “building a Caliphate” in the Muslim world. He also refused to accept the role of western foreign policy, including the invasion of Iraq in fuelling “terrorism” even though this was the conclusion from of a US government report on the effects of the Iraq war.

Western leaders including Bush, Blair and Putin, have unleashed a propaganda campaign to malign the work in the Muslim world for establishing Islamic governance, the Caliphate, by equating this with violence and terrorism. In a speech on 16th July 2005 , UK Prime Minister Tony Blair unconditionally condemned the call for "one Caliphate of all Muslim nations".

Dr Imran Waheed, a media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain , said, “Muslims the world over wonder how long western governments will remain in denial about the role of their policies in causing instability, violence and turmoil."

"Brown's comments about the Caliphate are yet a further evidence that western governments are intent on their continued support for the dictators and tyrants in the Muslim world. The caliphate is the legitimate aspiration of millions around the world and will bring stability to the Muslim world which for too long has been ravaged by militant colonialism."