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British Army Head admits failure in Iraq

London, UK , October 12 - In admitting that the presence of UK armed forces in Iraq "exacerbates the security problems", the head of the British Army, Sir Richard Dannatt, recognises the abject failure of the Western intervention in Iraq that was characterised by illegal invasion and brutal occupation. The admission by the Chief of the General Staff came on a day when the renowned medical journal the Lancet published a study that estimates that 1 in 40 Iraqis (over 650,000) have died due to the invasion of Iraq.

Dr Imran Waheed, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain , said, "The admission that Western intervention in Iraq has exacerbated the problems comes as no surprise to millions of people, Muslim and non-Muslim, who warned that this would happen prior to the illegal invasion and occupation. Numerous pieces of research and analysis both before and after the Iraq war decisively proved the link between the Iraq war and violence and instability."

"Despite this, Bush and Blair continue to defend their disastrous intervention in the Muslim world which is responsible for the deaths of over half a million Iraqis. Muslims the world over want to be liberated from this occupation, dictatorship, exploitation and colonisation through a Caliphate. The groundswell of popular opinion for this throughout the Muslim world is immense and has not been extinguished in the slightest by brutal military occupation."