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Blair confirms that attack on Muslim community is about Islam, not security

London, UK, October 17 – It is clear from Tony Blair's monthly press conference today that the attack that the Government has been spearheading against the Muslim community is about Islam and not security. He described the veil as a 'mark of separation', said that he fully supported the sacking of a Muslim classroom assistant, questioned Islam's role in the 'modern world' and once again dismissed any notion that violence and instability are being caused by British foreign policy.

Commenting on this, Dr Imran Waheed, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain , said, "Despite the fact that the veil has no impact on cohesion and security, Blair insists on joining a succession of Ministers in attacking it. In contrast, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has clearly adversely affected community cohesion and security, yet Blair defends it. Making the Niqab (veil) the issue of the day, rather than the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan , shows that the Government is more interested in attacking Islam than tackling insecurity."

"Recent events have again illustrated the hypocrisy of 'free speech' and tolerance. While Blair claims he wants a debate about the Niqab (veil), he will not countenance anyone questioning his disastrous intervention in Iraq and his continued support for dictators in the Muslim world."