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Fearing mid-term election losses, Bush covers up Iraq carnage

London, UK, October 25 - Fearing painful losses in the US mid-term elections on November 7th from the dwindling popular support for the Iraq war, President Bush today once again tried to defend the American military occupation of Iraq by covering up the disastrous carnage that has resulted from the occupation.

Across the Atlantic, despite the continuing violence in Iraq and the comments by the head of the British Army linking violence to the occupation, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to have a full parliamentary debate about the worsening situation in Iraq. Earlier in the week, Blair's spokesman blamed the media for undermining public support for the Iraq occupation.

This week, a USA Today/Gallup poll found that Iraq is the single most powerful issue shaping the public mood in the USA. A record 35% said that the war in Iraq was going badly for the US, with 58% saying that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. The editorial of the New York Times warned that Iraq "may become the worst foreign policy debacle in American history". In the UK, a Guardian/ICM poll found that 61% of UK voters want British troops withdrawn from Iraq, regardless of the consequences. A poll in Iraq conducted last month showed that 78% felt the presence of foreign troops was provoking more conflict than preventing it.

Dr Imran Waheed, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, said, "Despite the spin of Bush and Blair about the situation in Iraq, the reality is becoming clear to the world - over 650,000 dead, no weapons of mass destruction and misery worse than under any ruthless dictator. Bush and Blair's Iraq adventure has become the most famous imperial catastrophe since Suez but with millions of innocent victims."

"This cover up of the real situation in Iraq to improve the political standing of Bush in the mid-term US elections exposes the true face of democracy – where policies are subservient to the interests of huge corporations and the egos of politicians."