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A week of protests around the world challenge week-long Israeli offensive


The following is a list of many of the demonstrations that have been held, sorted by region.


Middle East


Numerous demonstrations have taken place in Cairo calling for the Rafah crossing to be opened and for the people of Gaza to continue their steadfastness.



A demonstration was held in Amman on December 27. MPs burned the Israeli flag inside parliament.

Other demonstrations were held in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and across the Middle East


In Palestine ’48, hundreds of Palestinian students at Haifa University demonstrated.  Israeli Arabs protested in the Galilee town of Sakhnin, and others took to the streets in Tel Aviv.



England, Scotland and Wales

Thousands of people turned out in the streets of London on Monday to demonstrate outside the Israeli embassy in London, calling for an end to the killing and an end to the siege of the people of Gaza.

In Manchester, demonstrators gathered chanting “1-2-3-4 Occupation no more, 5-6-7-8 We don't want your Zionist state”.

Video at:

The European Day of Action took place on Saturday, January 3rd. Actions in England took place in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton, Portsmouth and Hull.

Protests have also been held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. A new group, the Scottish Emergency Co-ordinating Committee on Gaza, including Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Scotland, the Scottish Islamic Foundation, Glasgow Campaign for Palestinian Human Rights and Pauline McNeil MSP, Convenor Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Palestine. In Dundee on Tuesday, solidarity activists lit 300 candles for a vigil in memory of the Palestinians who lost their lives in Gaza. More information on Scottish protests available from:

In Wales, a demonstration in Cardiff. Updated information is available from Palestine Solidarity Campaign,



France is seeing a huge mobilization in dozens of towns and cities across the country. A large number of French civil society organisations and solidarity movements have come together to call for sanctions against Israel and the immediate suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.



On December 29th, a demonstration in Berlin saw some 2,000 people rally against the Israeli massacre in Gaza.



Demonstrations have been held all over Spain, including Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Madrid, Iruña, Mallorca, Málaga, Cantabria, Barcelona, Asturias.



On December 29th in Geneva, solidarity organizations organized a protest march that closed with a vigil commemorating the dead in Gaza.



A number of protests have been organized in most major cities in Italy. People took to the streets in Rome, Pisa, Firenze, Cagliari, Bolzano, Vicenza and Bologna. Further demonstrations took place on Saturday January 3rd. The protestors called for the immediate suspension of all diplomatic, economic and military agreements between Israel and Italy.



Three protests have been organized in Brussels: one on December 29th, in front of the Egyptian embassy, one on December 30th, in front of the Israeli embassy, and one on December 31st, in the Place des Martyrs.



On Saturday, hundreds of demonstrators rallied in Oslo in front of the Norwegian Parliament as soon as the news spread about the massacre. The demonstration was organized by the Palestinian community, along with solidarity activists.

On Sunday, hundreds demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in Oslo. The Socialist Youth League (SU), the youth branch of one of the governmental parties, has called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and a freeze of all diplomatic ties with Israel. The call for BDS is gaining strength in both organizations, trade unions and the activist community. New demonstrations are planned for Monday in Oslo, Tromsø, Stavanger and Bergen.

In Kristiansand on Tuesday, demonstrators called together by the Palestine Committee, Socialist Youth, Red and others, activists carried coffins and candles through the streets of the city.


Also, in Bergen and Tromsø, several hundred people demonstrated yesterday, including members of Parliament. There have also been demonstrations in Lillehammer, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Sandnes and Bodø.

The Socialist Left Party, member of the coalition government, has called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Norway.

Over 7,000 Norwegians have so far supported this call on Facebook:





Calling Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip the "blackest face of state terror", the CPI(M), on Tuesday, asked the UPA government to sever its ties with Tel Aviv. Leading a protest march against the attacks, CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat said, "maintaining relations with a government that believes in state terror is against Indian interests in the international arena." She criticised the failure of the government to condemn the attacks.

Karat also attacked the UN and said, "the UN looks like an institution of the US which works on its directions. If it has to maintain its credibility, than it has to immediately intervene and compel Israel to stop these gruesome attacks."



Rallies were held in Jakarta, Serang (Banten province), Gresik (East Java) and Banda Aceh (Aceh), to coincide with the Islamic New Year holiday on Monday. In Jakarta, a group of students staged a rally at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle. In Serang, about 200 students and members of Muslim organizations rallied at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University.

In Gresik, Muslim students and members of the Indonesian Muslim Students Action Front (KAMMI), staged their demonstration on the town's main street, collecting donations for Palestine from passers-by. In Banda Aceh, dozens of KAMMI activists also staged rally at Baiturrahman grand mosque, and then moved to the local office of the European Union. The group called on the government to adopt a tough stance against Israel and demanded the United Nations impose sanctions on Israel.



Peace Malaysia has issued a statement exhorting “the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to stand in unity with our Palestinian brethren against the state sponsored acts of terrorism intended to inflict irreparable damage to the meagre existence of a people robbed of their land by Israel and its allies.” It is collecting donations of money and humanitarian aid for Gaza.




South Africa

In South Africa, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Fatima Hajaig on Monday, summoned the Israeli occupation’s ambassador, Mr Dov Segev-Steinberg, to express the grave concern of the Sout African Government to the brutal assault by Israeli military forces on the Palestinian people in Gaza. In a statement, the deputy minister condemned the attack and called for the opening of Gaza’s borders:

“The Deputy Minister emphasised to the Ambassador that the large-scale loss of life and injuries to the inhabitants of Gaza, including women and children, as well as the destruction of physical infrastructure in the territory, such as mosques, schools and universities, is totally unacceptable and she called upon Israel to stop this aggression immediately.

“The Deputy Minister informed Ambassador Segev-Steinberg that the SA Government found that the continued siege of Gaza is unacceptable, as it does not allow humanitarian relief supplies such as medicines, food, water and medical supplies to reach the desperate people of Gaza.

“The SA Government called on the Israeli government to stop the military onslaught in Gaza and to immediately and unconditionally withdraw its forces currently amassing on the border.”



Large protests were held in a number of Australian cities.  On Saturday, January 3rd, in Melbourne, protesters challenged the members of their city hall to take a stand on the issue. 





FEARAB, Aarsopal (Asociación Argentina De Solidaridad Con Palestina) and MOPASSOL have organised a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires on December 29th. The protestors remained in front of the embassy overnight in protest to the crimes of the Occupation. Their vigil will end on December 30th with another rally, and a declaration of condemnation against the genocide committed against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation.



A protest was organized on December 29th, in Sao Paolo. MOPAT has issued a statement calling on Brazil to withdraw their ambassador from Tel Aviv, and for president Lula to suspend his visit to Israel while maintaining his schedule for a visit to Ramallah. They also called on the National Congress not to ratify the Mercosur-Israel Free Trade Agreement.



The Palestinian federation in Chile has issued a statement calling on the Chilean government to reconsider its diplomatic ties with Israel in the face of Israel's further crimes against humanity.



A large protest was held on Friday involving many Palestinians in exile in the South American country.



At least 1,000 people joined an emergency protest organized by the Coalition against Israeli apartheid, and the Palestine House, pouring into Toronto streets on Sunday to show their outrage at the Israeli attacks on the people of Gaza. Protesters rallied in front of the Israeli consulate for over an hour, before spilling onto the street, and spontaneously marching down University Avenue to the U.S Consulate.

To support the street protests, several sectors within Canadian society are renewing their call, and intensifying their efforts for a comprehensive campaign of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and its apartheid practices.

In Quebec, hundreds gathered in downtown Montreal on Sunday to demonstrate against Israel's war crimes.


United States

Over a thousand New Yorkers marched through Manhattan on Monday, in a second day of protest, chanting and carrying signs and Palestinian flags. Marchers carried two stretchers covered in black shrouds and flags, similar to those used in Palestinian funeral processions. Fliers distributed information on Israel's attacks, and called for support for the growing international campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. Over the last year, Adalah-NY has carried out a successful boycott campaign against Israeli diamond mogul, settlement-builder and New York real estate developer Lev Leviev. For photos, see:

The march culminated with loud chanting at the Israeli Consulate at 8:30 PM. On Sunday afternoon, over two thousand demonstrators marched through Manhattan. More actions are planned.

The US Campaign to End the Occupation has launched an action alert and compiled a list of US actions at:

The ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Freedom Society, Free Palestine Alliance, National Council of Arab Americans, and Al-Awda, the International Palestine Right to Return Coalition, called for Tuesday, December 30 to be a National Day of Action to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza, and to demand an immediate end to the attacks carried out by the Israeli military against the people of Gaza.

Both groups highlight the United States' role as the Israeli occupation’s ally and military partner:

“In short, Israel’s lethal attack today on the Gaza Strip could not have happened without the active military and political support of the United States. Therefore, we need to take action to protest this attack and demand an immediate cease-fire.”

During the last week, protests have been held in:

ALASKA: Anchorage

CALIFORNIA: Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma

COLORADO: Colorado Springs, Denver

CONNECTICUT: Hartford, New Haven

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Washington, DC – including at Barack Obama's transition office: on Tues. Jan 6 and Fri. Jan. 9, protesters plan to march on the Capitol

FLORIDA: Brandon, Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Pensacola, Tampa, St. Petersburg

GEORGIA: Atlanta

HAWAII: Honolulu

ILLINOIS: Champaign, Chicago, Bloomington

INDIANA: Indianapolis

IOWA: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

KANSAS: Lawrence

KENTUCKY: Louisville

MAINE: Portland

MARYLAND: Baltimore, Columbia

MASSACHUSETTS: Boston, Brookline, Worchester

MICHIGAN: Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Marquette

MINNESOTA: Minneapolis

MISSOURI: Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield


NEW JERSEY: New Brunswick, Sparta

NEW MEXICO: Albuquerque

NEW YORK: Albany, Buffalo, Ithaca, New York City (where at least a dozen protests have been held, and more are planned for Monday, Jan. 4), Rochester, Woodstock

NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh will be holding demonstrations on Monday Jan. 5 and Fri. Jan. 9)

OHIO: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown

OREGON: Eugene, Portland (where three protests have been held this week and another is planned for Sun. Jan. 4)

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh

RHODE ISLAND: Providence


TENNESSEE: Knoxville

TEXAS: Austin, Dallas, Houston (where protests have been held every day this week), San Antonio

UTAH: Salt Lake City

VERMONT: Burlington


WASHINGTON: Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma

WISCONSIN: Madison, Milwaukee and Racine


This list was sourced from the Stop the Wall campaign:

and the US Campaign to End the Occupation: