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False flag
The world

The zionist millitary are targeting UN schools with civilians on purpose.


While the traitor Arab regimes and the western governments are chatting over a cup of coffee about how to create a seize fire in Gaza, several UN schools well known to the Israeli to hold civilians has been targeted on purpose by the Israeli military, and the Israeli military are committing mass murder and war crimes in Gaza.

Medical sources at two Gaza hospitals said two tank shells exploded outside the school, where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge from the Israeli attacks. The toll quickly rose as rescuers struggled through the rubble. In addition to the dead, several dozen people were wounded, the officials said.

Doctors said all the dead were either people sheltering in the school or residents of Jabalya refugee camp, in the north of the Gaza Strip.

John Ging, director of operations in Gaza for Unrwa, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, said that Unrwa provided the Israeli army with exact geographical coordinates of its facilities and the school was in a built-up area.

Avital Liebowitz, an Israeli military spokesperson, told Al Jazeera that Hamas had "booby-trapped" installations in Gaza and Israel had no choice but to retaliate."

"This is how it is in wars, we did not choose to be in a war. However, Hamas chose to target Israelis, we did not force them to do anything, and Hamas chose terror."

But Azmi Bishara, a former Arab member of the Israeli Knesst, told Al Jazeera that Hamas' rockets were a "protest shout" against a "an occupying power".

"They are weapons of the poor, used to express their will."

"Israel would say, "what would any normal country do if they were threatened by rocket fire? They would act".

"But Israel is not a normal country, it is an occupying country, a colonial country and the people of Gaza are under siege."

More than 640 people have been killed and 2800 others wounded in the 11-day operation, most of them civilians.