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Violence, a consequence of western politics

Frank Aaen from the danish party 'Enhedslisten' writes, amongst other things, today:

The large amount of protests against Denmark is a guideline which shows that the political course of Denmark and the west must be changed fundamentaly. The protests cannot be separated from the general political clima, and they cannot be separated from the politics of the west in the muslim world. The drawings are just the drop which made the cup flow over.

Hostile opinions towards foreigners has been allowed to grov in the recent years in Denmark. In the outside world, Denmark has become known as a country which are very negative towards foreigners. And it is in this connection one must look upon the situation, that Jyllands-Posten chose to print the 12 drawings, they did it with the reason, that muslims must be prepared to accept mockery, disdain and insult.

Because of this very issue it was a mistake that the government didn't respond immediatly. Not against freedom of expression, naturally, but against the hostile position which Jyllands-Posten revealed under the cover of protection of the freedom of expression. Maybe JP's hostile position is covered by freedom of expression, but it is a statement of irresponsible management of this freedom.

The drawings has become a symbol of the treatment many muslim feels they are exsposed to both in Denmark and in the world
- where muslims are exsposed to hatred
- with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
- with the support to Israel,
while the Palestinians are debased and refused a state.

The behavior of the West therefore constitute a part of the reason for the massive protests amongsts the muslim population. These protests has completely legit forms incl. the boycott of products, which is a shame, but still a peacefull and acceptable form of expression, opposite the completely unacceptable threats against persons and burndown of embassies. In several countries the large protests can be seen as a reaction towards the dictatorial and useless goverments, which are put to power by the West and allied with USA or other western countries.

A lot has to be done in order to solve this crises, even after the demonstrations against Denmark has come to an end.

Right now the goverment must answer to the consequenses of the drawings being a part of a unsuccesfull and debasing foreignpolicy. The government must take initiative to make a reconciliation with the minority, which are affected of this policy, muslims as well as others. Such a recognition and such an initiative will also serve as a good message to the rest of the world: We are taking the problem serious and will do something about it.

The government must take the initiative to abolish the laws which discriminate foreigners, e.g. prohibition of marriages and special low payment to unemployed. Legislation which ensure equality between religions are also needed.

Such a development demands that the government distances itself from the policy of The Danish Folksparty and their use of rhetorics against foreigners. At the same time we encourage the muslims to distance themselves from extreme fundamentalistic religions attitudes. This would be a start to ensure that the diskussion about foreigners isn't left in the hands of the more extreme forces on the danish right wing and amongst muslims.