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Bil'in demonstrators remind the world of the Holocaust

Source:IMEMC News

The protest was joined by Israel and international activists standing in solidarity with Palestinians and opposing the war on Gaza, Israeli settlement building and the construction of the wall. Protesters carried Palestinian flags and the Venezuelan flag, in appreciation of Venezuela's removal the Israeli ambassador from his post.

The protesters wore clothes similar to those worn by Jews in the fascist concentration camps during the Second World War. Protestors also wore small yellow cut-outs in the shape of Gaza with the word 'Gazan' written on them to symbolize the yellow 'Jude' stars of David worn by European Jews during World War II.

This angry message was to remind the world of the Nazi Holocaust and of the promise made by the international community to never allow another Holocaust to happen, while this promise is being broken by the same people whose ancestors were victims of the Holocaust.

The Popular Committee and the residents of Bil'in strongly condemn the continuing Israeli war on Gaza, which is causing the Palestinians to suffer yet another 'Nakba' or catastrophe. The world has been largely silent about the massive destruction and the victims, especially women and children, created by this war.

The protesters tried to show the horrible situation in Gaza, where infrastructure has been destroyed and the necessities of daily life are scarce or nonexistent. About 1.5 million people are currently isolated under a cruel siege where they are being massacred and forced to leave their homes, while not even the most basic of human rights are being protected.

The protesters marched through the streets of the village toward the wall, chanting and calling for an end to the war on Gaza. When the protest reached the wall, the Israeli army responded to the nonviolent action by firing tear gas, which caused dozens to suffer gas inhalation.

The army also fired rubber bullets and four people were injured, one of which is a photographer from Al Jazeera International and the child Nashmi Aburahma,Yase Ashal, and Mahmud Yasen.

The soldiers arrested five people during the demonstration. Muhammed Khatib, member of the popular committee, Ashraf Abu Rahma, and Samer Ataya. Also arrested were two Israeli activists, Gur and his son.