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Seven wounded Palestinians children transferred to Brussels

Source:IMEMC News

Seven wounded Palestinian children and their parents arrived on Wednesday in Brussels to received medical treatment after they were seriously injured in the Israeli shelling to the Gaza Strip. The children were first moved to Egypt.

The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release stating that Egypt refused to allow Belgian Physicians to operate in its hospitals although they had medical equipment transferred from their country.

Egypt said that its hospitals have the needed equipment; Belgium them decided to transfer the equipment to Jordan in order to attempt to move this equipment from Jordan to Gaza in a later stage.

The seven wounded Palestinian children were transferred by air from Al Areesh Egyptian airport to Belgium. Seven wounded Palestinians children transferred to Brussels.

Belgium said that it is willing to receive 30 wounded Palestinian children in order provide them with the needed medical treatment in its hospitals, and at least 200 family in Belgium volunteered to host the parents of the wounded children.

Sources in Belgium reported that the Arab community in collecting donations to order to aid the families and buy gifts for the children.

After Israel started its offensive on Gaza, Belgium offered to treat wounded Palestinians in its hospitals.