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Three civilians die of earlier wounds in Gaza, 12 more dead bodies recovered from the rubble

Source:IMEMC News

Palestinian medical sources announced that three Palestinian civilians died on Monday due to wounds they sustained during the military offensive targeting the Gaza Strip.

The funeral of three children from Al Astal family
killed by the Israeli shelling on their home
during the latest attack – photo by WAFA

Doctors in Gaza City's Al Shifa hospital said that in addition to the three killed today ambulance crews also recovered to today 12 bodies from the rubble in Gaza City.  

With those killed today and newly recovered bodies, the death toll of the 3-week long Israeli military operation in Gaza has reached 1,318.  

The Israeli military started its offensive on Saturday December 27th, 2008.  The attacks started by aerial and see bombardment, one week later Israeli pushed tank and troops into the coastal region, the military operation lasted for 22 days and caused the death of 1,205 Palestinians by Saturday Jan. 17th 2009, when Israel declared it had 'achieved it's objectives'..  

On Sunday, the following day, Palestinian medics have found 95 dead bodies in the rubble.  

Dr. Mo'awia Hassanin, the director of the Ambulance and Emergency department in the Palestinian Ministry of Heath in Gaza announced on Monday that among those killed, there are nearly 400 children, and the total number of those injured has exceeded 6,000.

Hospitals in Gaza have been completely overwhelmed, but before Sunday, Israeli forces had kept out humanitarian aid and medical supplies.