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Almost 400 children dead in Gaza

Source:IMEMC News

The Israeli air force shelled a target in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening and claimed that the shelled target was used earlier in the day by Palestinian fighters who allegedly fired eight homemade shells into Israel.

Also, the army said that Palestinian fighters opened fire at Israeli soldiers in two separate incidents on Tuesday; no injuries were reported. The first incident took place near the Kissufim border crossing and the second in central Gaza, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

Furthermore, the army backtracked an earlier report in which soldiers claimed that fighters fired a shell into adjacent Israel area.

Haaretz reported that the Israeli police said that “what looked like a projectile never reached Israel”.

The army said that the warning siren that was sounded was a false alarm.

The Israel army is preparing to discharge many reserve soldiers who were called-up during the offensive against the Gaza Strip.

The offensive against Gaza was initiated on Saturday December 27th, 2008. The attacks started by aerial and sea bombardment, one week later Israeli pushed tanks and troops into the coastal region, the military operation lasted for 22 days and caused the death of more than 1300 Palestinians by Saturday Jan. 17th 2009, when Israel declared it had 'achieved it's objectives'.

On Sunday, the following day, Palestinian medics have found 95 dead bodies in the rubble.

Dr. Mo'awia Hassanin, the director of the Ambulance and Emergency department in the Palestinian Ministry of Heath in Gaza announced on Monday that among those killed, there are nearly 400 children, and the total number of those injured has exceeded 6,000.