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Large number of wounded Palestinians in danger of dying

Source:IMEMC News

Physicians of Human Right – Israel, reported on Friday that hundreds of Palestinians who were injured during the Israeli offensive in Gaza are in danger of dying as Gaza hospitals are overloaded with wounded Palestinians and lack basic supplies.

The statement came after 12-Arab Physicians from Israel managed enter the Gaza Strip to treat wounded Palestinians.

The doctors are slated to return to Israel by Sunday, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

Haaretz added, that Dr. Aghbariah, an Arab physician from Um Al Fahim Arab town, stated on Friday that hospitals in Gaza are overloaded with patients and wounded residents, and added that patients who suffered serious injuries are being treated with basic methods as the hospitals lack medical supplies and equipment.

He added that the hospitals are not equipment to receive this large number of patients, and that this large number will lead to deaths among the patients and the wounded.

Dr. Aghbariah also said that the lack of continuous electricity and the high level of poverty in Gaza is increasing the suffering of the residents, and added that carcasses of dead animals in several areas and the increasing piles of trash is worsening the situation and increasing risks of contamination, Haaretz reported.