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The Israeli army opens fire at resident homes in southern Gaza

Source:IMEMC News

The Israeli army opened fire at resident homes and farm lands located at Al Faraheen village located in the southern part of the Gaza strip on Saturday.

The residents said that Israeli tanks stationed at the borders opened fire at their homes and farms; damage was reported but no injuries.

The Israeli Army embarked on its military offensive on Saturday, December 27th, 2008. For 22 days, homes, schools, mosques, UN centers, and media agencies were attacked by Israeli air, sea, and ground forces. Israel announced the unilateral ceasefire on Sunday 17th of Jan. 2009.

Today's incident is not the first time Israel's violate its cease fire, On Thursday, Israeli Navy forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen just off the shore of Gaza City, injuring seven civilians. On day before, on Wednesday, the boats fired shells at the coast line, causing damage but no injuries.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health this week has placed the death toll in Gaza due to the military offensive at 1,330 with at least 5,000 injured. Doctors say that of those 1,330 killed there are at least 400 children.