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Obama's Insincere Overtures to the Islamic Nation
Author:Adnan Khan

On a recent trip to Indonesia Barak Obama, the US president in a wide-ranging news conference reiterated he had worked hard to repair ties with Muslim communities. He said: "I think that our efforts have been earnest and sustained. We don't expect that we are going to completely eliminate some of the misunderstandings and mistrust that have developed over a long period of time, but we do think that we're on the right path."

This speech comes after the Obama made it a priority to repair relations with the Muslim world after George W Bush launched the infamous war on terror and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama came to power in January 2009 after a successful campaign for change and managed to capture the imagination of the world as the first black president of the US.

The reality however is such proposals come from Obama in a position of weakness rather then strength and are insincere in its foundations:

- Obama has just taken a mulling in the mid-term elections, where his ‘its time for change,' has evaporated as well as his control of the legislative house - the house of representatives, Obama's party just about has control over the Senate.

- Obama's trip to the region takes place as 2010 has seen US re-engagement with the region as China continues to go from strength to strength. During the summer the US conducted various military exercises in the region with South Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. All with the aim of deepening ties with the nations that surround China.

- The US visited a number of countries in order to reinvigorate relations and show its commitment to the security needs of the nations that surround China.

- Obama's visit to Indonesia is very important for economic reasons due to the Straits of Malacca. It also sits as the base of the South China Sea, and this becomes a very important strategic location for the United States as it looks to contain China.

The reality of Obama is under his watch he has expanded drone attacks on Pakistani villages along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving little regard for Muslim life. Obama continues to support rulers who oppress the Ummah across the globe from Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the proxy government in Pakistan.

Barack Obama has taken positions in support of the hard-line Israeli government, making statements virtually indistinguishable from that of the Bush administration. Obama has maintained that he is firmly committed to maintaining strong US-Israel ties, including military and economic aid. Rhetoric aside Obama has stood by, as Israel expands its settlements.

Obama has expanded America's war on terror to Yemen including the infamous drone attacks that indiscriminately bomb villages on flimsy intelligence. Obama's arrogance reached its peak when he ordered the assassination of the US born Muslim Anwar al-Awlaki, Obama insisted he can be killed with impunity by the CIA or the military.

Obama has now shown his true colours to all those who believed this time would be different. Obama in reality has turned out to be no different to Bush, irrespective of his middle name.