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Egypt: A new Dawn?
Author:Adnan Khan

The world waited with much anticipation as various rumours leaked out that Hosni Mubarak would be stepping down as president of Egypt after 30 years of brutal rule. On the evening of the 10th February 2011 Mubarak appeared on state TV with much arrogance that he would not be stepping down until the September elections and that his country needed a decorated soldier to see through reforms which have all come to be known as the ‘transition' period.

On the evening of 11th February Omer Suleiman who Mubarak only recently appointed as his vice president announced that Mubarak has in effect been removed in a bloodless coup through the army, who now possessed all the regimes powers. After more than two weeks of protests and demonstrations against the tyrant Mubarak, who the New York Times described as ‘an ally of the United States who has been instrumental in implementing American policy in the region for decades, Hosni Mubarak became the latest ruler in a long list of traitors who have been placed in the dustbin of history. Like the traitors before him, he will get what he deserves when he meets his creator.

Hosni Mubarak, a former Air Chief Marshal became vice president to Anwar Sadat in 1975. In this position, he loyally served Sadat's policies. He took part in government consultations that dealt with the future agreement that accepted Israel as state over Muslim territory, something Anwar Sadat would soon be assassinated for.

Since he became president in 1981, no Muslim ruler served America more loyally then Mubarak. He ruled over his people with fear, intimidation, torture and ensured any call for change or Islam never gained momentum. He protected the existence of Israel through turning a blind eye to the massacres the Israeli regime undertook on numerous occasions against the Ummah of Palestine. In the 2009 massacre Israel undertook against the Muslims of Gaza, Mubarak ensured the fleeing Ummah met their deaths by closing the Rafah crossing. Mubarak in reality turned out to be no different to the Firawn.

The whole world is now watching what will evolve in Egypt. Egypt's importance should be plain for everyone to see. Egypt's importance has continually been outlined by US officials over the past weeks. The US relies on Egypt to normalise Israel's existence. Egypt is also the most powerful Arab country. Egypt is the link between Africa and Asia, It is the shortest route from the South to the North. Egypt has always been considered the mother of the Arab world, it has the biggest population and all the Arabs look to Egypt for leadership. Historically it has a unique place, this is why various powers have struggled over it. The liberation of Egypt from colonial influence means the independence of a highly strategic nation, which will have a direct impact on the rest of the Muslim world and inshallah return Egypt to the Ummah. It is therefore a land America will not relinquish easily. 

Whilst many are talking about the dethroned pharaoh, we should remember that the architecture Mubarak and his predecessors constructed still remains in place. What's happened In Egypt is an 82-year-old man, who wanted to have his son appointed as his successor, was booted out by the army. Except for Mubarak, the army remains in charge of Egypt. An army that is heavily financed and trained by America, whose leaders: Chief of Staff Lt.Gen. Sami Annan and Defence Minister Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi have been in constant contact with the US throughout the uprising. The world's powers have been attempting to shape the future of Egypt by vilifying any calls for Islam and constantly brushing everything with democracy.

The Ummah in Egypt and globally should remember that democracy is much more then mere elections. It is a system that gives legislative sovereignty to individuals and as we have witnessed with democracies around the world, it is the rich, powerful and influential who hold sway, not the general public, who vote in the regime on broken promises, and then are left to scream and shout in the street, with no expectation of change. It is fundamentally a foreign system of governance constructed in the West and is now being forced upon the Muslim world. As an Ummah we should be looking for true independence and a system of governance indigenous to us, that is built upon our beliefs, values and way of life.

As long as we follow foreign systems we will always be under their authority. They put themselves as referees to their system, allowing themselves to interfere whenever they feel their ‘rules' have been violated. Only by following our own system, the Islamic Khilafah, that ruled Egypt for over 1300 years, that is the natural state for the people of Egypt and the Muslim world, will we finally achieve liberation for Liberation square.