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Revolution failed: Facebook not available in Egypt

"On 27th January facebook was shut down in Egypt. For the moment this stopped the protests. Media assumes that this is due to the influence of Mubarak's granddaughter who is Mark Zuckerberg's girl-friend." Of course this is not true. But with software which is controlled by one company, something like this can happen. What if the owner of the social network would have been an Egypt company? Would this company have been able to resist state pressure?

For a long time dedicated people have been working on decentralised Free Software solutions, to make sure there is no vulnerable single point of control. We as citiziens should be in control of our tools, and as most of those tools today are comprised of software we do need decentralised software. That's why FSFE organised a related track at FSCONS, and our staff as well as dedicated volunteers like Torsten Grote gather information, give talks or interviews.

Karsten Gerloff gave a talk on "Power Software Freedom" (there is a good summary by Brian Gough) at FOSDEM this month, and one of the event's keynotes "Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever" by Eben Moglen targetted this topic as well, especially the so-called "Freedom Box" which started to receive good media coverage in turn, and will hopefully push this topic even further.